Anthropoetics VII, no. 2
Fall 2001 / Winter 2002

ISSN 1083-7264

Table of Contents

  1. Raoul Eshelman - Performatism in Architecture. On Framing and the Spatial Realization of Ostensivity
                                    Zip file for download (includes 45 illustrations - 1.7Mb)
  2. Adam Katz - The Originary Scene, Sacrifice, and the Politics of Normalization in A.B. Yehoshua's Mr. Mani
  3. Dawn Perlmutter - Skandalon 2001: The Religious Practices of Modern Satanists and Terrorists
  4. Ammar Abdulhamid and Eric Gans - A Dialogue on the Middle East and Other Subjects
  5. Benchmarks

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